corporate culture


                        Company name

                        1, "Lei" is a meaning, "Xin" is flourishing,

                        2, three stone composed of "Lei" that the company is in the early stone hanging for quite famous industry ranks; and three gold consisting of "Xin" that was all through my company design, processing, installation after each piece of stone has become gold value.

                        Company logo

                        1, the logo consists of four deformation of the letter "L" and "X" letters; from the "Leixin" two words of Chinese Pinyin initials;

                        2, logo color: logo with green and yellow as the keynote. Green is the connotation of health, on behalf of hope; yellow represents vitality and unrestrained.

                        3, the overall meaning of a logo full of vitality flowers grow in the vast grasslands, which symbolizes the Lei Xin company hard pioneer, struggle up spirit.

                        4, green grass, yellow flowers, life characterization tenacious, fully elaborated Beijing Leixin construction company limited the spirit and connotation; embodies in the stability and development, to change the tradition of advanced business philosophy.

                        Company policy

                        In order to serve the society able to perform wonders of integrity

                        Create a green environment to share the perfect life

                        Company management objectives

                        Contract performance: 100%;

                        Project pass rate: 100%;

                        Customer satisfaction: more than 96%.

                        Company core values

                        God helps those who help themselves, unremitting self-improvement;

                        Corporate strategy

                        Internal and external decoration, common development, optimize product structure;

                        Based in Beijing, look at the country, expand customer market.

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