Second "lei xin cup" JingMin 3 v3 basketball storm ended


                        By the Beijing Xiamen Alumni Association (Beijing Heron Hall) organized by the Beijing Leixin Engineering Co. Ltd., the exclusive sponsor of the "second" Leixin Cup "Beijing Fujian 3V3 basketball storm on the afternoon of May 8, 2016, held in the Olympic Forest Park Park, the tournament consists of 22 teams. Beijing Leixin Construction Engineering Limited company chairman Jiang Qinglin and head of the air force to guide the party in Chinese fir.

                        The cheerleaders performances for Beijing early summer brings a cool, and opened the prelude to the second "Leixin Cup" Beijing Fujian basketball 3V3, sign in, after the draw, the players entered the competition, leaving a lot of wonderful moments.

                        The beginning of the game, the basketball athletes take the initiative, with strong skilled movements quickly pass to rebound. Both players to quickly enter the state, all the appearancedashing. On the pitch you, going on, launched a round of pitching, pitching handsome neat, the two players with enthusiasm, fierce competition. At the same time cheerleaders cheer, the stadium atmosphere is very active.

                        Midfield game interactive sessions rest is divided into two parts, and the three point circle shooting outside shooting. Everyone involved in the enthusiasm is very high, the ranks of Jackie Chan, the atmosphere of the audience burst. Cheerleaders also took shots and hits the ball, the audience boiling.

                        After halftime, the game is eight, the level of competition rose to a new height. The players in the athletes in a team with good to continue to forge ahead, will fight every minute, so that both sides score repeatedly draw, make you cry cry. Among them, three pitching, defensive ball, and the ball stopped the penalty is the scene atmosphere leading to a climax, the strength of each team entered the white hot stage be on a par with the game. Beat the tigers by the cut, won the championship.

                        Leixin basketball club was founded on 2013 in Beijing, this is the Beijing Xiamen chamber of Commerce in Beijing University Alumni Association in only a basketball club. Leixin basketball club based on "youth sports health" concept, enrich the students extra-curricular life of Xiamen in Beijing, to further extend the communication platform. At the same time, enrich the leisure style of the staff of life, ignite the enthusiasm and confidence of the majority of employees to join the sport. Let everyone who loves sports to re ignite the passion of the sport. Pay attention to the cultivation of comprehensive quality of the staff reflects the spirit of enterprise has always advocated Leixin building, while strengthening the in-depth implementation of corporate culture, enhance the friendship between the employees, cultivating the spirit of unity and cooperation. In the game at the same time, by virtue of the unique charm of basketball also shows us the youthful employees of contemporary Leixin building full of youthful spirit.

                        In the future, Leixin building will continue to enrich the employees' life style for the purpose, starting from the angle of promoting physical and mental health of employees, organized the activities of rich and colorful style more and better, filling the building of enterprise culture of our company, to promote the rapid development of Leixin building.

                        Comprehensive Department of personnel administration