Tianjin winning alerts


                        In all my colleagues and to the long-term insistence, to overcome difficulties, our overall strength strong beat many competitors, eaves curtain wall engineering Tianjin branch bid investment by Tianjin Quan Industrial Co. Ltd. the success of hundreds of millions, are outside the building.

                        County building Waiyan curtain wall project is located in Tianjin City, Hexi District Dongting Road on the west side of Tianjin Chen Tang technology business district 10 plots, a total construction area: 69811.05 square meters, including underground 19926.21 square meters, 49884.84 square meters on the ground, the size of 51101.89 square meters

                        The project includes: stone curtain wall, aluminum curtain wall, glass curtain wall (including open windows and hardware), flat yarn stealth fan, curtain wall and outdoor decorative elements, connected to the door (including revolving door, Hall) construction drawings design and construction of curtain wall project, canopy light wells, blinds, rock wool etc.. And the car ramp and stair shaft, and Waiyan curtain wall (the base scope of outdoor terrace above). Started in April 30, 2016, is expected to complete in July 31, 2017.