Into the youth, the transformation attitude, improve their work


                        To thoroughly implement the party central group work conference, to comprehensively promote the reform of the Communist Youth League of Beijing, led the city's Communist Youth League organizations at all levels and in all areas of reform, the formation of a powerful and orderly hoof walked quickly stabilize the reform situation. In September 21, 2016, the municipal Party Committee organ investigation group deputy minister of municipal rights Comrade Wang Hui came to the grassroots, Leixin group branch in-depth interviews, and questionnaire survey was conducted on more than and 10 Komsomolets Leixin building, to understand the real needs of youth, youth amateur life care.

                        Group the front line, to promote the implementation of the whole focus at the the fifth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee deployment, combined with the Communist Youth League of Beijing annual work priorities and reform practice, do a good three aspects.

                        1, the spirit of promoting reform program. The initiatives of the central reform of grassroots cadres and members of the Youth Party's mass propaganda in-depth work conference spirit and mission oriented, guide and promote the city's organizations at various levels to study and understand the central spirit of the reform program, the spirit will be the most widely spread to young people to help them along the right path and direction of healthy growth.

                        2, supervise the completion of key work. Understand the basic situation of grassroots organizations to implement the full deployment of the focus of the work of grassroots organizations urge the implementation of the annual work points of Beijing Municipal Corporation and key project.

                        3, contact the needs of young people to understand. Group attaches great importance to Leixin youth organizations, efforts to attract them to the organizations around the one hand through to update them to reflect public opinion, help the party and the government to do a good job, on the other hand, to guide them to fulfill their social responsibilities, stimulate positive energy, influence, contribute to economic and social development. And ordinary members of the youth to make friends, to establish a regular contact mechanism, listen to their voices, reflecting the aspirations of. Understanding and collecting the key needs of their work study life and the difficulties faced by the problem, targeted to form a hand information, to establish in-depth contact and service youth mechanism to lay the foundation.

                        Ask him what so clear, as has the springhead. Grass is the most rich creation, grass roots are also the most dynamic. The "into the youth, change the style, improve the work" propaganda research activities for a deep understanding of the grassroots Youth League members demand into the youth, the basic line, infinite world. Group cadres to do a good job in the work of young people to enhance the ability to deeply rooted in the grassroots and the creation of youth, each to a Mission Branch, and youth zero distance, to find effective ways to do the work of youth.

                        The Secretary of the League branch Leixin Wang Nan said, as the party's assistant and reserve force, the Communist Youth League should cultivate Chinese 2 characteristics of this fundamental task of socialist builders and successors, make good use of the youth to be acceptable and popular form, timely and accurately the party's request is transmitted to the rasson youth, to help young people to establish the correct ideals, the firm faith, which is the primary mission of the organization.

                        Secondly, to clearly understand and grasp the new characteristics of the new requirements of the reform of the Communist Youth League, always stand in the commanding heights of ideals and beliefs guide young people, Youth League organizations adhere to where, where, where cadres work; youth organizations have what demand, it is necessary to carry out targeted work, strive to become a strong organizational mission Fort contact and youth services.

                        Leixin group.